Supplies for Dr. B-Z's Science Classes
Beakers, Bunsen Burners, and Brownian
Motion, OH MY! What will I need?  

It is the student's responsibility to arrive the FIRST DAY of school and
each and every day thereafter with the necessary academic items.

1. Pencils (keep a few sharpened pencils handy or graphite refills)

2. Pen (blue or black ink) Erasable pens are a good option.

3. Notebook  and folder or a section of a notebook and organizer set
aside exclusively for science (size, color, and style are student's choice)

4. If a student has a vision impairment, it is the parent's/guardian's
responsibility to be sure the student has corrective lenses to ensure
adequate vision for the student to be able to see the board. Student seats
are frequently moved, so a front row seat cannot be guaranteed all year
long. Get the vision exam as a part of the back to school rituals.  
Students, be sure to wear those corrective lenses to class! You don't
want to miss out!

              What about a calculator or
                 any special equipment?

Calculators of the same type that may be used on the Ohio Graduation
Test in Science will be available to students in class. This same type of
calculator may be purchased for work outside of the classroom. It costs
approximately $10-12.

Any other special equipment will be either provided for use in class
(scissors, ruler, tape, glue, and lab equipment), or plenty of advanced
notice will be given to ensure students have adequate time to gather what
is needed. For example, there may be an occasion where students must
bring in a home rain water sample, and this will be announced a week in

              Safety equipment
                    and training

During the first few weeks of school, students will be instructed in safe
laboratory practices.  Parents and students will sign a safety contract
agreement before participating in any laboratory assignments.  Students
will receive instruction on appropriate safety clothing for each lab
experiment. Most labs require safety eye protection issued by the school.
Some labs also require wearing of a lab apron. Students should wear
closed-toed and sturdy shoes when they participate in lab. Failure to
wear appropriate attire or refusal to comply with safety instructions will
result in students not being permitted to use the lab facilities. Lab
participation is graded.