Information Seeking Strategies
InfOhio Subscription (fee-based) Databases

There is a wealth of information available to you through InfOhio, the
Ohio Web Library. Because you are a student in an Ohio school, you can
access this information. The login and the password are available from
your teacher.

Go to the
InfOhio website by clicking on the hyperlink.

Select which database is best for your report.

You should look at each of these subscription databases in this order.
Note you may have to put in your InfOhio login and password again to get
access to these.

  • Science Online

  • Worldbook Advanced
Go Where Google Will Never Take you!

                  Gateways, Pathfinders, and Web Quests
Gateways are directories that allow students to get to selective and high quality content on the web.
Some gateways lead to the "invisible web" which cannot be searched by major search engines.  

Try some of these gateways with your keywords you are using in your searches.
Awesome Library: K-12 Education Directory
Education World
Gateway to Education Materials (GEM)
Kent State University's Pathfinders

                  Image Searching
At some point you will be seeking images for your presentation. Here are some
helpful sites for image searches. Remember that you must site the source of
the image not the search engine.
EBSCO Images (Access through InfOhio)
Pics for Learning
Smithsonian Photo Archive
NASA Digital Images
                  Meta-Search Tools
Why settle for Googling when you can Google-it, Yahoo-it, Ask-it, and Live
Search-it all at one time? Meta-search tools allow you to search many
search engines at one time. Here are a few meta-search tools for you to try.
IxQuick Remote Search
Step 3:Information Seeking Strategies  
Download the document for step 3 here and begin filling it out as you look
at the parts of this page.

InfOhio Subscription Databases

Image Searching


Gateways and Pathfinders
Now that you have completed your
searching, you are ready to evaluate your
sites by looking at this
presentation then cite your sites. Go to the
next page by clicking
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