BIO 126 Science, Energy, and the Environment


Day-by-Day Schedule of Topics Discussed in Class and Assignments

Link to A+
Internet: Life Science Frontiers

Matter PowerPoint

Abu Dahbi to Build Carbon-Neutral City

Biodiversity Puzzle

Introductory Earth Quiz (PPT)

Ecology, Population, and Waste (PPT)

Ecology, Population, and Waste (Word)

Quiz Review over Ecology, Population, and
Biodiversity (PPT)

Internet Resource: Encyclopedia of Earth

Internet Resource: Zero Population

Internet Resource: Negative Population

Population Pre-Lab (Squirrel Version)

Population Interactions (PPT)

Wolf Population (PPT)

Natural Selection Activity

Internet Resource: Owl Pellet Lab

Internet Resource: Ice Cores

Notes on Air (Word File)

Atmosphere and Clouds (PPT)

Greenhouse Effect (PPT)

Aerosols (PPT)

pH Scale Review (PPT)

Air Quiz Review (PPT)
Water Unit

Internet Resource: Hydrological Cycle

Internet Resource: OHIO Watersheds
and Drainage Basins (ODNR)

Internet Resource: Upper Tuscarawas
River Watershed District

Water (PPT)

Water Notes (WORD)

Group Project Puddle Example

Internet Resource: OHIO Fuel Cell

Internet Resource: Green energy in

Internet Resource: Stark State Fuel
Cell Prototyping Center

Internet Resource: Rolls Royce
animation of why fuel cells work

Internet Resource: How Fuel Cells
Work (Animation)

Energy PowerPoint

Soil (PPT)

Soil Notes (WORD)

Jackson Bog (PPT)

Bog Virtual Field Trip
Trash and Recycling Unit

Trash Activity and Journal

Waste Not, Want Not Post-Trash
Journal Activity

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (PPT with
field trip photos)

Waste and Recycling (PPT)

FAQs about SSCT's Recycling
Program (PDF)

SSCT Recycling Guidelines

Link to Stark State Digital Library and Kent State Library

Outline for Guest Speaker Critiques

Link to InfOhio databases

Link to NoodleTools

NEW: Research Paper Rubric

NEW: Link to APA Tutorial

Spheres of the Earth (picture)

Spheres of the Earth (PPT)

Spheres Project (January)

Final Exam Review