Dual Credit Chemistry
Introduction to Chemistry CHM101
UNIT 1--Matter and its Properties
Text: Chapters 1 and 2  

UNIT 2--Metrics and Measurement
Text: Chapter 2

Measurement PPT

Test Review (subject to change)
UNIT 3--Atomic and Quantum
Text: Chapters 5 and 11

Atomic Theory PPT

Quantum Theory PPT

Test Review--subject to change
UNIT 4--Bonding and Reactions
Text: Chapters 6, 8, 12, and 13

Bonding (Ionic and Covalent) and
Molecular Geometry

Reactions (balancing and types)

Exam Review (subject to change)
UNIT 5--The Mole and Stoichiometry
Text: Chapters 7 and 10

Mole PPT

Test Review Subject to change

Syllabus (Course Syllabus only)

Day-by-Day Schedule of Topics Covered, Assignments, and Assessments (Lesson Plans)
Gas Laws
Comprehensive Exam Review
(subject to change)