Scavenger Hunt


Directions: Use EBSCOHost’s Academic Search Premier to locate the pictures, graphics, or
answers associated with the bibliography listed below.  

This database can be accessed through

Login: ______________________ Password: ___________________

1. After you have logged into Academic Search Premier, you will need to follow the following
steps in order to find the photos you need.
     a) At the top LEFT corner, click on PUBLICATIONS
     b) Type in the publication box the name of the journal
             Ex. Engineering & Technology (note the use of & instead of “and”)
c) Scroll down as necessary and click on your journal’s title
d) Click on the year (RIGHT side) which should drop down the various issues
e) Click on the issue or month
f) Scroll down until you match your article title.

2.  Click on the picture in the bibliographic citation.

3. In the smaller window that opens, use CTRL (OPEN APPLE) C to copy the graphic and CTRL
(OPEN APPLE) V to paste it, or click and drag the photo onto this document. You may need to re-
size the photo. It should be as small as the sample below. Yet it should be large enough that it
can be seen. If you simply drag the graphic from the original list the graphic will be too small to
see and you will not earn any credit.

4. Save this document onto your space of the network or onto your personal flash drive. The
instructor is NOT providing storage for this document.

5. Print your final page.